All About The Image produces quality, affordable artwork for everyone to enjoy. A London commercial photographer by trade, Graham relocated to The Gower, Swansea and enjoys the freedom to create imagery he loves, alongside commissioned work in London and the South West.
During his extensive training, Graham has specialised in Advertising photography, learning 'Old School' craft alongside 'Cutting Edge' technology. He works with a number of leading London agencies creating imagery for global advertising campaigns as well as local projects. Working both commercially and artistically allows him the freedom to produce imagery to his own high standards.
Clients include:
Xbox, Ford, Orange, Bold, Virgin Media, Channel 4, Cannes Lions, The Sun, Nike, Arsenal, Bacardi, Dove, Kelloggs, Landrover, Bovis Construction, Norwich Union, Peugeot, Bionaire, Telewest, Samsung, Chromogenex... +